An appreciation for the arts defines every great culture


​​​Listed below are the artists whose work we offer for sale. If we have current inventory for a selected artist, their name will be highlighted. You can hover your cursor over the name and left click to be taken to the gallery with works currently available for sale.   ​​​

George Adomeit

Bill Arter

John H. Behling
George Bellows
August Biehle
Frank Myers Boggs
Paul Henri Bourguignon
Adele Burkhardt
Emerson Burkhart
Robert O. Chadeayne

Sidney Chafetz

Price A. Chamberlain
Howard Chandler Christy
Glenn O. Coleman
Leslie Cope

Charles (Chuck) Csuri
Clara Dieke

Charles William DuVall 
Frank Duveneck

Ralph Fanning
Albert Fauley
Carl Gaertner

Emil Ganso
Maurice Hague
Edward Parker Hayden
Edna Boies Hopkins
James R. Hopkins
David Hostetler
Roman Johnson

Sheffield Kagy
Philip Kappel

Kalman Kubinyi
Lucius Kutchin
Roy Lichtenstein

Charles Massey, Jr.

Nolan Pennell
Edward Potthast

Walter Dubois Richards 
Charles Rosen

Henning Ryden
Alice Schille

Theresa Schmotzer
Dixie Selden
Clyde Singer
Yeteve Smith
William Sommer 
Carl Springer
Abel George Warshawsky
Alexander Warshawsky
Worthington Whittredge