Here is another example of a work in progress - cleaning a landscape by artist Emerson Burkhart.

Above is an example of Mr. Terry’s work in progress.  He is removing yellowed varnish from an important work by James R. Hopkins and restoring the painting to its full beauty.


Appraisal Services  

Do you need a written appraisal of your art for insurance purposes? Many persons do not realize their homeowner policies typically cap reimbursement of unscheduled art at $2,000 per work. Insurance companies generally require policy holders to obtain written appraisals in order to provide coverage for scheduled art. Our certified fine art appraiser can assist you by providing an up to date appraisal to protect your investment at a very reasonable cost. Please contact us for more information.

Conservation and Restoration Services has an outstanding relationship with David Terry Fine Art of Columbus, Ohio and can provide competitive pricing for works in need of minor or major conservation or restoration. Mr. Terry and his team have worked with major museums, galleries and discriminating collectors across the country to conserve, restore and clean works. Their remarkable skills and reasonable pricing are the reasons we choose to offer their services to our clients. 

Please call or e-mail us with any questions you may have about these services.  




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